Lovin'Dog Music, Kevin Barnett

Daylight Moon

by Kevin Barnett

Released 2014
Lovin'Dog Music
Released 2014
Lovin'Dog Music
Daylight Moon portrays a series of "paintings" of the Alaskan world.
A recognized force in the Alaskan music scene, Kevin Barnett’s years of living, breathing and experiencing Alaskan life are fully reflected in this latest addition. This second offering from Kevin is dedicated to his past, his present, and portrays a series of “paintings” of the Alaskan world, where he and his wife, Gina, and of course their Lovin’Dog, Kaya, make their home. Enjoy!

Tunes and Their Stories:
Gone Fishing Dreaming of going fishing when I should be cleaning the house!
Salmon Waltz Ever witnessed how the salmon dance when going upstream?
Willow Ptarmigan State Bird of AK: A small bird that changes with the seasons.
Cottonwood Lake "Now" music, inspired at the moment, looking out at a thawing lake.
Big Bad Halibut Hauling up the “Big One”.
After The Storm A year after Japan's earthquake and Tsunami, debris showed up on Alaska's shores.
Dog Paw Blues Our old dog, Scout, plodding away in the heat of the summer.
Daylight Moon Written for Elena Lukina, a fantastic musician! What a beautiful sound she has!
James’ Pond Includes the actual sounds of Dad's waterfall and fishpond in my parents’ back yard.
Marilyn's Dream For my mom, Marilyn Kathryn Barnett. She fell in love with this tune as I was writing it.
Misty Morning Looking out over the valley that we live in.
Mirror Lake A lake close to our house.